I have worked with CAPS57 my entire professional career, as a Designer, Director, and Chief Creative Officer at three different companies and now my own firm for the past 12 years. They are the BEST resource in the Chicago area and top tier nationally! They will collaborate with you at many levels of the comping process, as well as solve pre-production solutions to achieve seamless results for our clients when making the transition from concept to production. I appreciate their partnership!

Sam J. Ciulla, CEO/ Executive Creative Director, CIULLA ASSOC

CAPS57 plays a critical role for Constellation Brands in providing top-quality packaging comps and exceptional delivery and service. I give them A+++.

Barb Starr, Director, New Products & Packaging, Constellation Brands Beer Division

CAPS57 is our go-to prototype source for the best in packaging design comps. After more than 10 years, they’re much more than a vendor—they’re an extension of our creative agency.

Theo van Blyenburgh, Executive Creative Director + Principal of Blij

Over the years I have grown to trust CAPS57 as an integral part of our team. Their attention to detail, resourcefulness and assurance that delivery times are always met, gives me the peace of mind that our work is represented at its best. As I’ve changed jobs over the years I’ve experienced a few other vendors in the field but have always been able to bring CAPS57 with me, as the quality of their work just crushes the competition. But best of all, they truly are a joy to work with. Upbeat, thoughtful with an honest “I’ve got your back” attitude. Who doesn’t need that bit of light in an overly stressful day?

Elainne Roberton, Managing Partner, CBA USA

CAPS57 has become an integral part of our design, pre-production and innovative go to market strategy by providing realistic color correct comps, mock ups and pre-production prototypes. They have been instrumental in increasing our speed to market, improving adherence to color standards as well as reducing pre-press costs. From initial concepts, to 3D mock ups, then final photo-ready, beauty comps, CAPS57 is our go to provider.

Brent Bott, Executive Director-Consumer Marketing, National Beverage Corp

We rely on CAPS57 to do all of our high-end comp work on very quick turnaround timelines. Their efficient, problem solving experts. The work is top notch, you can’t beat them!

Tom Kakos, Senior Producer, Leo Burnett

I have worked with Caps 57 for over 15 years, and they are always the first go to when we have a package design comp need. Whether it is to sell in our ideas for our clients, research stimuli, or showcase a final design, they are always ready for anything we give them. The collaboration we have with them is very much a partnership, as they execute and build on our vision while being able to deliver something within all types of budgets

Jennifer Gaeto, Senior Creative and Strategy Director, Equator Design

CAPS57 is a true partner in helping us bring our designs to life. Having physical comps for our packaging designs has been a key strategic piece to selling our work to clients. The prototypes work wonders for our clients, too, aiding in meetings where they pitch new products or designs to customers. The quality of the work is superior, and the team’s ability to meet our tight deadlines is always impressive. I truly can’t imagine Design B&B without a partner like CAPS57.

Liz Lovasco, Art Director, Design B&B

CAPS57 does great work. They are reliable, responsive, and act with a sense of urgency. They are a pleasure to work with.

Peter Rahal, CEO, RXBAR