We've been collaborating with creatives for over 35 years

About CAPS57

CAPS57 is the premier provider of color correct packaging comps in the nation. For decades we have produced the best comps for the best brands in the world. Our clients range from packaging designers and ad agencies to CPG companies, retailers and manufacturers, both domestically and internationally.

We excel at everything from single color correct comps to hundreds of field prototypes and sales samples. We can tailor your project to fit just about any schedule or price point when needed.

"...After more than 10 years, they're much more than a vendor - they're an extension of our creative agency"

Theo Van Blyenburgh
Executive Creative Director & Principal, BLIJ

"Our guiding principles are quality, service, and reliability and we're very proud of that."

Managing Director, CAPS57

The CAPS57 Mission

Our goal is always customer satisfaction. We take the time to understand your needs for both the end product and your budget. Then we rely on our years of color experience and craftsmanship, along with today’s new technologies to successfully accomplish the challenge at hand. We take pride in what we do and we know that every project needs to shine bright for our customers.

Our Culture