AUTHOR: CAPS 57 | February 12, 2018

Transfer Rubdown applied at Caps57Digital printing has taken over the vast majority of graphics production for comps and prototypes. However, even in the digital age, there is still a demand for rubdown transfers. Package designers, engineers, model makers use transfers as an easy and relatively inexpensive way to decorate a package or product prototype. As a result, rubdowns can serve as an economical way to add punch to your products.

Our team produces these graphics transfers for many different industries such as electronics, food & beverage, beer & spirits, beauty & cosmetics, automotive and more. You can apply Rubdowns to decorate glass or any smooth surface like an entryway door or a conference room wall. If your goal is to apply a graphic without it looking like a label or sticker, a rubdown transfer is the best option and CAPS57 can help.

CAPS57 Produces the Highest Quality and Color Accurate Transfers

CAPS57 prints rubdown transfers conventionally using traditional inks on a transferable substrate. We will provide the best solution for your rubdown transfer needs. We employ a fully staffed Color Proofing Department that can match any color including metallic colors. Caps57 rubdown transfers can be printed in as many colors as required. We can quickly provide them for you on a ready-made sheet. In addition, Casp57 can apply them to your products with pinpoint accuracy for you. Consequently, CAPS57 can satisfy any needs for whatever options you have.

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