AUTHOR: CAPS 57 | September 5, 2014
Customer: Crown Imports, LLC – Chicago, IL
Challenge: Support this new product design by executing color tests, prototypes and color correct comps for an extremely fast product launch

Crown Imports LLC contacted us about a new specialty product called Chelada a tomato flavored beer. We had to execute a color palette, all of the prototypes, color correct comps and sales samples necessary to meet the very tight deadline and get the product to market.

  • We created variations of red metallic colors to represent the tomato flavor. CAPS57 had to make sure it stood out against an opaque white and a premium looking metallic gold and blue.
  • Our Production department recommended the colors and art was provided by the design firm. Then we produced a small number of sales samples of the shrink-wrapped cans that were delivered to the  Crown Imports decision makers for approval.
  • Finally, with the full design approved and the customer thrilled, it was now time for us to produce the color accurate “Hero” comps for TV and print advertising. As an added challenge, we were asked to simultaneously produce 300 promotional sales samples for the Crown Imports sales and marketing teams.

Why Choose Caps57 for Your Prototypes?

A timely product launch like this is exactly what makes us a valuable partner for all of your packaging prototype, color correct “Hero” comp, and sales sample needs. We shine when faced with the challenge of tight deadlines and creative ingenuity. Our goal is always to make our customers look great and we accomplished that with Modelo Chelada.