AUTHOR: CAPS 57 | September 30, 2015
Customer: Sunstar Americas, Inc.
Challenge: Coordinate, print, assemble and deliver new children’s toothbrush sales samples for the US and Canada on a very tight deadline

Caps57 is given many opportunities by high profile and important projects like those proposed by Sunstar Americas GUM brand. The GUM brand’s toothbrush line was going through a makeover using new graphics for licensed characters; Lalaloopsy, How to Train Your Dragon and Power Rangers. CAPS57 was asked to print the new label wraps and redress over 1,100 toothbrushes. Caps57 also printed new backer cards and assembled with the provided blisters. The end result was 1100 beautiful toothbrush samples for the GUM sales team.

While this project fit CAPS57’s capabilities perfectly, there were challenges to overcome for a successful end result. The deadline of fewer than 10 days for the initial shipment was very tight based on the fact that the toothbrushes had to have their existing labels removed and some had to be painted before new graphics could be applied. There was also a model maker involved that molded the blisters and painted some of the toothbrushes. While the intense coordination was going on with the toothbrushes and blisters CAPS57 began the printing process. A full set of graphics from the customer supplied artwork was printed and submitted for approval. As expected, the approval happened quickly as the customer loved what they saw and print production began.

The printing was coordinated to match the receipt of product from the model maker, all being geared towards the deadline for the initial sales meeting. As the labels and backer cards came off the printer, the hand assembly process began and continued simultaneously until all items were complete and accounted for. The sales team received their required toothbrushes in time for the meeting and everyone was ecstatic with the presented samples. The balance of toothbrushes was completed over the next 2 weeks and was also very well received by the sales teams.

Why Caps57 is So Successful

This project was successful for many reasons, but one thing stood out over everything else and that was teamwork. Our customer gave us everything we needed, the model maker worked overtime to keep things moving and CAPS57 did what they do best, cranked out the best-looking sales samples and delivered on time.